DIY Kits Delivered To You!

DIY BAR is now selling kits online !


Below are the crafts we are offering for delivery. Please place your order and we'll fulfill it within 48 hours. As much as we'd love to ship these as fast as Amazon, just letting you know it may take a couple more days than your normal daily delivery :) 

FREE shipping on orders over $50

*Anywhere in the lower 48 - exclusions may apply


DIY BAR® has been "Keeping Portland Crafty" since since 2017.  We are a Place For Crafty (And Not So Crafty) People! We are SUPER excited to bring the same feeling of satisfaction & accomplishment that we get when we create something for ourselves to you!

Creating an online presence has always been on our minds and with recent events, we are hoping this helps keep us going as things settle down.

We are starting with a few of our most popular projects and we'll be adding more very soon! Stay up to date on our mailing list or instagram (@diybar). 

We want to say thank you for checking this out and we hope to share the love for crafting we have! Please excuse any hiccups you may experience in the next few weeks. We promise that we will make it up to you and always welcome your comments so we can learn and grow. 

-Adam & Jason Gorske